Climbing Tower

25-Foot Climbing Wall

About This Inflatable

Are you coordinating an event and are looking for a huge attention-grabber?  Our Inflatable “Climbing Tower” is tall enough to grab everyone’s attention!  The Inflatable Rock Climbing Wall is 25 feet of fun!  It has two different difficulties: path yellow and path red.  Path Yellow is easier than path Red because of its even grid system — while path red is catty-cornered and wider gaps making it the more difficult path. 

This inflatable is for a full-day event and it comes with two HCI staffers: one that belays the kids, and the other that secures and removes their harnesses.  Let us help make your next event great with this huge hit!  Contact Us today for availability and rates for our Inflatable Climbing Tower!

Vital Statistics

18 x 18 x 25 ft.; 8 tie-down straps; 1 velcro zipper air release

Climber’s weight limit: 160 pounds


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