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Q: Do you service my area?

A: Hub City Inflatables serves a radius of 20 miles or 30 minutes from Hagerstown MD per Google Maps.  Traveling fees may apply for an event over 30 minutes one way.


Hagerstown | Boonsboro | Smithsburg | Maugansville | Williamsport | Clear Spring | Middletown | Thurmont | Fairplay | Myersville | Frederick | Big Pool | Sharpsburg


Chambersburg  |  Greencastle  |  Waynesboro  |  Mercersburg  |  Marion | Upton | Williamson

West Virginia

Shepherdstown | Falling Waters | Martinsburg | Spring Mills | Hedgesville 

Q: What kinds of inflatables do you guys have?

A: Hub City has 20+ options to choose from!  We have: Moon Bounces, Velcro Walls, a Soccer Dart Board, Dunk Tanks, a Joust Ring, Dual Slides, a Bungee Run, Obstacle Courses (up to 100-foot-long), a 25-foot tall Climbing Tower, a 300-inch Movie Screen, Bubble Ball Soccer Packages between 1HR and 5HRs, and eight Themed Combos – which have a combination of Moon Bounce, Obstacle, Climb, and Slide!  Most combos have banners for themed events.  Some combos have a basket ball hoop, too!  Check out our Our Inflatables Page to see more details about each option!

Q: What are your business hours?

A: We deliver, set-up, and tear down on weekdays, weekends, evenings, and holidays.  We answer phone calls and emails timely Monday through Friday, 8 A.M. through 5 P.M.

Q: How long can I book an event for?

A: We offer 4 HR rentals OR All-Day rentals.  (Most All-Day rentals last from 9 A.M. to 8 P.M.)

*Exceptions include: 1-5 HR Bubble Ball Soccer Packages.  Climbing Tower is default for an all-day event.

Q: Can we do an event for less than 4 HRs?

A: Yes you can.  Since the same amount of delivery, set-up, tear down is involved, we consider that event done and paid for.  An event over 4 HRs is considered an All-Day event.

Q: How early can an inflatable be delivered?  And how late can it be torn down?

A: 8 A.M. through 10 P.M.

*If we are more than 20 miles or 30 minutes away, times may vary

Q: Where can I see your prices?

A: We do not advertise our prices on our website.  As a local small business who strives to treat our clients like our neighbors, we actually look forward to those interpersonal conversations and phone calls.  Please contact our manager Colton directly via the phone number or email at the top of the website with any questions regarding cost, availability, et cetera.

Q: What kinds of events does Hub City Inflatables service?

A: Hub City Inflatables does events for birthday, corporations, Churches, schools, neighborhoods, and more!  We can set up our inflatables both inside and outdoors. 

Our Bubble Ball Soccer is a rain-or-shine event.

*Click the Image above to open the Bubble Ball Soccer page in a new window.

Q: Can adults use these inflatables?

A: The inflatable’s manufacturer manual state: “children’s inflatable amusement park rides are intended for kids and small teens and are not intended for adults.”  The weight limit for most of our inflatables is 180 lbs per participant.  The height limit for most of our attractions is 5 feet.

*Our Dunk Tanks, Soccer Dart Board, Bubble Ball Soccer, and Movie Screen are exceptions.

Q: What is an “Amusement Park Ride Operator” and do we need one for our event?

A: An Amusement Park Ride Operator is someone who is responsible for supervising, monitoring, and attending park rides/inflatables, which includes boarding and securing passengers; they make sure participants can enter and exit the ride safely.  This role is more than just a warm body.  

Events need a Ride Operator present at all times.  Hub City Inflatables offers staffing.  We encourage you to use our staffing so you can enjoy the event.

Q: Are your inflatables clean and insured?

A: Yes, and yes.  We clean our inflatables before and after each event.  We use a cleaning solution that does not hurt the stitching or fire-retardant covering on the vinyl.  We are fully insured and leave our binders containing Certificates of Insurance Liability at each event.  If you have any questions, please contact manager Colton by calling the number at the top left of your screen.

Q: What are some of your ‘WOW’ Factors?

A: Bubble Ball Soccer, the 300-Inch Movie Screen, and our 25-Foot Tall Climbing Tower are always huge hits! 

Our biggest-ticket item is the 100-Foot Camo Obstacle Course!

Pretty sweet, eh?  The fastest 100-ft dash through the obstacle is 23 seconds.  Will your group be able to beat that time?

Q: What is the best way to reach out to HCI?

A: The best way to reach us is by filling out the “Contact Us” form.  Once that form is fill out properly, we will have everything we need to check the availability of the desired inflatable(s).  We will give you a call once we have what we need to finalize our calendars.  Please specify if you prefer email over call.

*Please check your spam or junk mail if you use the “Contact Us” form for our reply.

Q: How early can I book an event?

A: We have 20+ options to choose from, but it seems that some are more popular than others.  The sooner you book an event, the more likely you will be able to rent what you want.  There is no time frame that is considered too early for our calendars. 

Q: How late can I book an event for?

A: You’re too late only if the inflatable is not available.

Q: When do I need to pay my invoice and sign my DocuSign agreement?

A: At least two weeks before the date of the event. 

*If you book an event within that 2-week notice, please remit payment via credit card from the “Pay Now” button received from our invoice.

Q: Does Hub City Inflatables offer generators or staffing for my event?

A: Yes and yes, we offer both options by-the-hour. 

Q: How many Generators do I need to rent per inflatable?

A: The general rule of thumb: 1 generator per inflatable (unless otherwise specified).

Q: How many staffers do we need per inflatable?

One per inflatable.  Exceptions include Obstacle Courses, Velcro Walls, Climbing Tower, and any Inflatable that has an entrance and exit in two different locations.

Q: Are there any hidden fees involved?

A: No.  The price Colton tells you is after delivery, set-up, and tear down.

If you would like us to hook up a water hose inside the Butterfly Combo’s or Sports Combo’s slide to make it a water slide, we charge an additional $50 cleaning fee.

We can increase the default 4 HR event time frame to be full-day; contact Colton for more details about pricing for full-day.

We may need to charge an additional cleaning fee for anything over normal required cleaning post event.  No food, drink, or silly string inside our inflatables.

Q: What is the DocuSign Agreement form?

A: We have two forms – a Rental Agreement and a Bubble Ball Agreement form.  These documents are our way of protecting our tail in case something were to happen.  It covers: “Harmless Provisions, Duty to Mitigate, Disclaimer of Consequential Damages, Disclaimer of Warranties, Permits and Licenses, Delivery, Weather, Rental Unit Damages, Insurance, Rules and Supervision, Payment” and a signature.  Please contact our manager Colton with any further questions.

Q: What happens if I book an event and it is supposed to rain?

A: If you pay us to set-up an inflatable for an event, that is what we will do.  If rain or any ‘Acts of God’ do not allow us to pack-up, get to, or set up safely, we will honor 100% credit, good for one year, to reschedule and re-fulfill the event.  If you decide to cancel, we need to know 2-4 hours in advance minimum!  Colton needs an early enough advance to have time to call our delivery team and tell them to stay home.  

For example: you book an event with us.  We see rain in the forecast.  We call and ask if you are still on for today, and you say yes.  Two hours into the event, winds exceed 15 mph, and it is down-pour raining.  We told you to unplug our blowers and bring them into safety, cover the inflatable with a/the provided tarp, and you give Colton another call to come pick up the inflatable(s) early.  Since the same amount of delivery, set-up, and tear down was involved, we consider that event done and paid.  Most of our inflatables are not intended to get wet!   We charge an additional cleaning fee for anything over normal required cleaning.

Another example: you book an event with us.  We see rain in the forecast.  You ask if a date in one month is open for the same inflatables, same time, and we say yes there are no conflicts – we move the event date forward one month in our calendars, we keep the paid invoice and honor 100% credit, and we fulfill the event next month with no issues.

Q: What rules should the Ride Operators and the kids participating be made aware of?

A: The general rule of thumb: if you don’t think you should do it, then don’t do it! 

Here are some inflatable rules from the manufacturer manual: “No shoes.  Wear your socks.  No sharp objects.  No eye glasses.  No jewelry.  No food or drinks.  No unevenly matched players.  No rough play.  No tumbling or flips.  No medical conditions or pregnancies.  Maximum wight of 180 lbs. per child.  No more than 1,000 lbs. on an inflatable at once.  Theses inflatables are intended for kids and not intended for large teens or adults.  Most manuals state 2-6 player’s maximum per ride.  Most entrances are 24-68 inches tall.”

Q: What all comes with your ‘Bubble Ball Soccer Packages’?

A: We offer Bubble Ball Soccer packages ranging from 1 HR to 5 HRs with half-hour increments in between.  All packages include 10 Bubble Ball Suits, 2 Goalrilla Inflatable Goals, Colored Pinnies, Marker Cones, Soccer Balls, and an Event Coordinator for the duration of the event!

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Q: When is Colton available to answer my questions?  What is his email address?

A: 24/7.  If the message goes to voicemail, it means he is on another call or in a meeting.  Leave a voicemail and he will get back to you in the order that mail was received.  If you prefer not to call, that same number at the top left of your screen can receive text messages.  Feel free to email him directly at

Colton understands that parents might not be able to call during the regular 9-5 Mon-Fri business hours to book their kid’s birthday party since they work.  He is easy-going, flexible, and wants to work with parents to help make your kid’s birthday party great.  Contact him when you can — he will get back with you when he can.  He takes pride in his timely replies and is looking forward to speaking with and helping you!

Q: Does Hub City Inflatables offer any promotions or discounts?

A: Hub City Inflatables offers a ‘Multi-Inflatable’ discount.  The more you rent, the more we offer off since less driving and delivery!  Consider getting more than one inflatable at your next event!

Our ‘Refer a Friend’ program allows you to earn $10 per friend or family member that decides to use our service because of your council.  So tell your family, friends, and neighbors about our services; after they book an event and remit their invoice, we will write a check for $10 to you.  Be sure they give your full name at check-out.

Our manager Colton serves as an Intern Youth Minister in Downtown Hagerstown; we like to help good people doing good things with kids and teens in our city!  Ask as about our church-sponsored event discount!

Q: We love your services; what can we do to help?

A:  Great question!  Four things:

      1. Use Hub City Inflatables again for your next event

      2. Utilize the ‘Refer a Friend’ promotion and earn cash

      3. Let us know if there is anything we can do even better next time

      4. Tell others what you think about us on Facebook

(We can talk about how good we are, but it comes down to trust.  Tell your family and friends about our services.  We are a small local business that thrives on helping our neighbors like you – and we could use your help in getting our name out as a family-friendly business who strives to make every event great.  If for some reason an event is not up-to-speed with what you have heard about us, please call our manager and let us know what we can do to make it right before leaving a negative comment.  We want to make you happy with your purchase and feel content with your investment in our faith-based company.  Thank you for trusting us with your business!  “Get Your Bounce On!”)



*Do you not see the questions or answer you were looking for?  Or do you have a suggestion on how to make this FAQ page read more efficiently?  Please reach out to the phone number or email at the top left of your screen and let us how we can improve!

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